Training benefits in the Republic of Belarus


Advantages of living in the Republic of Belarus

Safe accommodation
Friendly people
Center of Europe
Rich history and culture

Advantages of studying in the Republic of Belarus

  • Practical training – up to 70 % of the programme
  • The Republic of Belarus is known for the high quality of practical training for professionals in the following spheres:
    • Construction. Road and bridge construction
    • Industry
    • Transport. Logistics. Car service
    • Food production
    • Renewable energy. Ecology
    • Digital technology
    • Pedagogy and psychology
  • Opportunity to continue training at universities in the Republic of Belarus in a short term period

Optimal ratio of tuition fees and education quality

The training in Belarusian colleges is much cheaper, compared to the training in Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and other EU countries. Belarusian colleges are competitive with Western educational organizations in terms of practical qualifications

Russian language training programme –
from 140 USD per month
Professional qualification in English –
from 350 USD per month
Receiving a middle-level management diploma in Russian –
from 1600 USD per year

International recognition

network member
National Operator for Worldskills
Oficial partner of the European Training
Foundation in Belarus
Basic Organization of the CIS Member
States for vocational training
Silk Road Craftsman International Cooperation
WECO Alliance of Vocational Schools
International Network for Centres of
Vocational Excellence

Easy adaptation for foreigners

  • Individual support of foreign citizens
  • Adaptation programmes in colleges
  • Possibility to learn the Russian language: training courses, summer schools, distance learning

Comfortable accommodation

  • The student dormitory is located close to the main study building
  • The dormitory is convenient for living and training, on each floor there are kitchens, rest rooms, Internet access, etc.
  • Gyms and lounge for leisure activities
  • The security in the dormitory is ensured by electronic access cards and security cameras

Cost of living in the dormitory in Minsk starts from 20 USD per month

Meals (on request):

  • breakfast – from 4 USD
  • lunch – from 6 USD
  • dinner – from 4 USD
The Republican competition of vocational skills

Training is not all that we can offer!



Belarusian colleges have developed sports infrastructure and are ready to offer foreign students excellent sports opportunities.


Exciting student life

Students always have something to do after studies. They participate in sports competitions, different events, festivals.

The Republican competition of vocational skills

Rich culture of the Republic of Belarus

The original culture of the Republic of Belarus been taking shape over the centuries. It`s dynamic and diverse. The Republic of Belarus hosts many art exhibitions, music, theatre and film festivals in the Republic of Belarus


Beautiful nature and safe environment

The nature of the Republic of Belarus is unique. Many rare species of plants and animals can be found here. Major environmental projects are implemented in Belarus, state reservations and nature reserves have been created. The Republic of Belarus is a country with a high level of safety. In 2018, according to the Security Index, it ranked 15th in the world and 8th in Europe

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